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Set Free

I have a story to tell, one not so clear, one not so proud. It's a story of a child.
This child grew up in trouble times, alone and afraid. She thought she was a horse you see, not a human being did say.
She was alone a lot, in her dreams she played, she was a horse of black you see, a wild thing! Wild and free and she was not afraid.
She grew up never talking, for language she did not speak. For her ears only heard the comforting sounds of the neigh!
She ran and ran kicking at the world, the world that did not see her. The world that closed their eyes, for they to, was in a world of dreams.
She grew up caring for all who were close and those with sad stories, for she could understand. She took care of everyone, as the horse took care of her.
She learned to eat the grasses, and the corn in the fields. For there was lots of hungry in this little girls world of fear, she fed them to her little brother and sister, for they were hungry, too.
And the world went by! And by! She lived the life of a horse true to its own kind. She listened for the cries, the neighs, and the sighs.
She was true to her kind, she was loyal to those who hurt her and made her cry and cry. But they could not break her, thou many many tried.
For her spirit did not belong to her, it was a horse, inside that grew. And the horse was wild and free, could not be caught you see.
So, those who tried were mystified and left along the way. But the horse always stayed, so steadfast and so true.
Although the girl is older with children of her own. The horse stills lives inside her and BOY! How it has grown. It still is wild and free a mystery of it's own.
It's as strong as in the beginning and it knows no ending, for it is my steadfast companion through eternity, and on and on we go!
So, go now little girl and ride, for the big girl cannot play. She has to go it alone, awhile! But she'll see you in eternity, forever in a day and I can be a horse again and we will surely play.
For my horse will never leave me, and I know for sure that's true. For his spirit has shown me so much more to life, then just our earthly bonds. And I can't wait to meet in eternity.
I'll ride the wind, with the wanderer on the night, and I'll see the stars up close, I'll be so free, an endless flight of joy and of glee.
I'll ride the wind... of all the horses who's spirits were set free... And those of you left here on earth you'll know that I am free.
So, weep not for that little girl for she is now set free...

Silverhawk's Graphics

Wachi looking at a Buffalo Bull; Richman's Spanish Mustangs

The Choctaw, Cherokee, and Huasteca Horse Conservation Program

Rico looking at a Buffalo Bull; Richman Spanish Mustangs

These are the Native American Horses that our Grandfathers rode in to Battle, to the hunt, and on the move. These horses are a thing of the past, just as our past is. We can not bring back our Grandfathers. But we can help to bring back their horses. Please don't let us lose, again.

Look and remember, for your hearts can see, the strength, endurance, and Beauty of all the past years. Open your hearts to the past. Help save OUR HORSES.

Rickman Spanish Mustangs; mare and foal

"We need breeder's that will start with 3 to 4 horses." Contact; Bryant & Darlene Rickman, Rt. 1, Box 58, Soper, Oklahoma 74759 Phone# (580) 326-6005, E-mail Us and our web-site is Southwest Spanish Mustang Association, Inc.

For more information about these Horses, Click Here! And Look for the north American Horse on this page.

Ricochet; Rickman's Spanish Mustangs

These horses are also on the critical list,( Critical: Fewer than 200 North American annual registrations and estimated fewer than 2,000 global population.) with The American Livestock Breed Conservancy, Click Here! For more information on their status.

"...when the last individual of a race of living things breathes no more, another Heaven and another Earth must pass before such a one can be again." -William Beebe

J's Mystic Warrior; Rickman Spanish Mustangs

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